Where Can I Learn to Swing Dance?

1. Corvallis

Swing 171 lesson series - Starting from Jan 10th, 2012 is the beginning of our Elite Platinum Exclusive-VIP 10 parts lessons, covering everything you need to transfer you from a noob to a hep jitterbug.
Due to popular demand and the unprecedented success, the second take of Swing 171 is coming up in spring / April.

There are also free introductory to intermediate level lessons before every monthly swing and blues dance at Odd Fellows Hall in Downtown Corvallis. Most of the times these lessons are taught by professional dance instructors traveling from out of town and are great opportunities to get you started or help polish your own styles. Highly recommended! [Calendar]

2. Oregon State University

OSU offers a full spectrum of dance classes under the PAC (Physical activity courses) program. Ballroom I [PAC 159] and II [PAC 160] are best at introducing the East Coast Swing to absolute beginners, with each class focuses on the ECS for at least two weeks along with other dance styles. After those you might want to up on with Lindy Hop I and II [PAC 167 and PAC 168], which reveal the magical and creative world of Lindy Hop as you would never imagine. Swing I and II [PAC 158 and PAC 162] feature 20's Charleston, Blues and Balboa. All these classes welcome OSU students and community members alike.

3. Eugene

Workshops, dances and Groupon coupons at Eugene Swing. [link]

4. Camp Jitterbug!

Imagine dancing Lindy Hop 10AM-5AM? Imagine dancing Lindy Hop 10AM-5AM, three days in a row? Imagine dancing Lindy Hop 10AM-5AM, three days in a row, with the International Lindy Hop World Champions?

Each year during the Memorial Weekend, world-class swing and Lindy instructors from four different continents gathered up in Seattle, WA to give hundreds of workshops to the enthusiastic swing dancers of all levels. It is one of the best learning opportunities in the Pacific Northwest and you should definitely try to make it at least once in your lifetime. Registration started in December. Workshops on May 25-28th, 2012. [link]

5. Online

There are abundance of useful resources, dance instruction videos, and lessons online. Example: [link].