Promos : Newsletter


The newsletter is about your audience:
  1. Be concise. People are busy, and will not read your note -- at all -- if it is long.
  2. Always come from their perspective:
    1. Never talk about yourself.
    2. Only share the most important things.
  3. Be honest.
    1. The newsletter's role is to inform, not to sell.
    2. People are already sold on our idea; that is why they signed up.
  4. Be professional. No cliches or "swing" puns. Your newsletter will live forever in a digital archive.


  • Be positive. Have fun with the newsletter (while staying concise).
  • Keep it to one note per month.
  • Never apologize
    • Get it right the first time.
    • Wait if you don't have all the info you want.
    • Tell people about things you are excited about.

Never write:
  • "Hey swing dancers!", "Dear dancers ..."
  • "Don't forget ..."
  • "This is a reminder ..."
  • "Sorry for all the messages ..."
  • "Just a few things ..."
  • "One more thing ..."
  • "If you are looking for something to do ..."
  • "We had a great time at ..."
  • "I loved seeing ..."
  • "For a swinging good time ..."
  • "Swing on by ..."

  • Relate to your audience as normal people.
  • Tell people what is happening today, tomorrow or the next day.
  • Tell people what is worth their time and money.
  • Thank people for their contribution to our community.
  • Acknowledge when an event was badass.
  • Be aware of your medium
    • Facebook messages should be more terse than normal.
    • For newsletter emails, the same text will be in an email and on the website.
      • Use phrases such as "contact us" instead of "reply to this email"


Phil says: Keep it local. There will be requests from many people to include Eugene, Salem and Portland events in your newsletter. Advertising these events in the newsletter dilutes your message, and relatively few people in your audience care (my educated guess is 10% or less). When you do advertise out-of-town events, keep them in a tight, bulleted list of "Upcoming carpool events" at the bottom of the newsletter. If people care to know what is happening, they can subscribe to newsletters or Facebook updates from those towns.