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Suggestions for making a Facebook event.


  • For big events, about two weeks notice is standard
  • For smaller events, one week is fine. Lately (Nov 2011), we've been making events for the Friday dances on the Monday before the dance.

Event description

Below is an example event description, with comments and highlights.

Swing dance! Dec 2.
Title. This is Facebook, with info overload, so the title is often the only thing people will see. Keep it short. Include the date.

The last swing dance of OSU fall term!
First line. Why is this event special? Why do people need to go?

This Friday, we're featuring a number of Djs who are new to Corvallis Swing, but not to swing music:
  • Kristin Pugmire!
  • Dakota Trufant!
* Catherine Liggett!
What is cool and important about this event, in concise, interesting detail. For the semi-beginners who are always on the fence, and for first-timers looking for a reason to get excited.

Evening schedule:
* 7:30 : Swingout lab for regulars
* 8:15 : Intro lesson for everybody
* 9:00 : Swing music and dancing
Who should come at what time?

Cover: $5
Decor: Christmas
Free to Swing 171 students
Keep the language professional, high-class, e.g., use "cover," not "cost."
Use "Decor" to let people know how we will be decorating. (Do not use "Theme.")
Promote Swing 171 in a subtle way.

Remaining events for 2011:
* Dec 9 : Blues dance at OSU
* Dec 17 : Swing & blues dance at Odd Fellows
Experiment with promoting future events. Or not.
Link back to the website. It increases the event's legitimacy and spreads word about the website. About 30% of our hits come from these links.
Photo credit:
We get a lot of our photos from Flickr that are licensed under Creative Commons.

Style guide

Keep it classy. A few specifics:
  • It's "Lindy hop" not "Lindy Hop"
  • Use "live music" not "live band"
  • Avoid abbreviations. OSU is the one exception.
  • Use exclamation marks sparingly!

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