Promos : Announcements

You: Hi everyone!
Crowd: <possible response>
You: I'm <stage name> from Corvallis Swing. There is a dance this Saturday at Odd Fellows Hall at 7 p.m. (<Person> from <place> is teaching.) There are cards at the table.

Done! That's it! Announce one thing, and sit down!

Know this: Nobody listens to announcements at the OSU ballroom dances. So: Be charismatic -- smile, be loud, feet apart, good posture, don't apologize for standing there -- and be concise.

We make announcements to maintain emotional energy and support for swing dancing in Corvallis. The purpose is NOT to tell people about things. It is NOT to convince people to come to dances. It is NOT to ask for money. They serve as a reminder that we are here, we are fun, and we are active.

Cut out all the unimportant words in your speech. Do NOT use phrases like:
  • "This is a reminder"
  • "Wanted to share with you"
  • "We have big things coming up"
  • "This will be short"

Again, pick one thing to say. If two important things are going on, pick one -- nobody is listening, anyway, and the people who want to know about things are subscribed to the newsletter.

We know that nobody listens because we talk to people soon after announcements, ask if they are going to the dance on Sunday (that we just mentioned), and they reply with, "There's a dance on Sunday?"