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Wiki Organizaiton

Broad goals -- "Architecture" of Corvallis Swing

OSU Sunday Swing

Key features:
1. Welcoming:
  • New people are danced with immediately; new people are introduced to others; new people are appropriately welcomed into conversations; new people must be danced with if sitting alone
2. Put on by the community: DJ rotation (every week), decor rotation, sweep rotation, primary teacher rotation (helper's corner)

Rough Notes

Word of mouth.
Making something great.
Doing what you say.
Danger of student groups: Be weary of flakiness.
Opportunity to make a legendary swing community.
Cliques will form; minimize; make the beneficial, rather than isolating.
Great music.
Section for thoughts related to strategy and direction for the society.
Achievement sheet.
How to teach Lindy hop? Beginners? Intermediate?
DJs: Two months notice
Communication channels: Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, etc
T-Shirts: Swing dance!
What's exciting? What's new?
A celebration of jazz, swing music, dancing, and the joy of good people and good times.
4-year cycle.
Monthly cycle.
Monthly intensive lessons; idea.
Expenses, accounting.
Instructors: Josh & Binky; Drew & Catherina, Jason Isbell, Russell & Susan, etc.
Break-even math.
Decorations. Look & atmosphere.
Other OSU clubs.
Yahoo group?
Ambassadors to other scenes. (Not necessary? Counter productive?)
Event calendar?
Finding music.

Swing society:
1. Weekly dance with 50 people
2. Workshops every 3 months

Goals (measurable):
1. Bi-monthly dance with 50 people
2. Yearly workshop taught by guest instructor
3. Beginner lesson series taught by Corvallis Swing
4. Weekly private lessons taught by Corvallis Swing
5. Corvallis Swing instructor pool of 8 people
6. Weekend workshop every 6 months ?
7. Group of 5 people going to Camp Jitterbug (or other major camp)

TImeframe: Two years

Flyer creation, distribution
Press release creation, distribution
DJ, instructor relations
Dance host
Dance decor, setup
Community- and OSU-teacher relations
Public relations, Corvallis
Foreign (non-Corvallis) workshop / event research
Foreign (non-Corvallis) relations
Portland, Eugene, Salem, Albany
Twittermaster, Facebookmaster, etc
Venue relations
Instructor types:
Lesson ringers (people "in" the class who can dance already)
Drop-in lesson teachers
Weekly lesson teachers
Series lesson teachers
Workshop teachers
Music types:
Music finders
Metadata, music organization lackeys

Andrew Sutton - Lindy
Swing lessons (non Odd Fellows):
  • Taught by OSU swing club

OSU Instructors Notes

Marc Green is the Lindy hop instructor at OSU. As one would suspect of a swing teacher, Marc is incredibly enthusiastic about promoting swing dance (and general fun) in Corvallis. It is best to keep him stocked with the latest event cards, as he shares them with his students. Marc enjoys riding his bike to OSU and baking things like bread.

Cathy Dark teaches mostly ballroom classes, and from time to time will teach a swing-only class. Swing is one of her favorite dances; she does a bit of social dancing, and she comes to the dances from time to time when invited; she's happy to promote the scene when asked.

Barb Platt is great. She prefers ballroom and WCS to swing, but is full of energy and enthusiasm, and is happy to help promote dance events that are happening in Corvallis.

The instructors are much like good parents, in a way; there are available if you need help, but will let you go your own way if that's what you decide is best. It's important to remember they're here, and, they're teaching dance for a living -- they certainly want you to succeed.