Artists: Who's who in swing music. The songs in the pages below are limited to what can be found on YouTube, so you probably wouldn't play them all at a dance, but they'll give you an idea as to what you'll find during your musical adventure.

Hello, DJs!

DJing at an upcoming dance? Hopefully you've been asked to play at a particular "level," outlined below. If not, please ask the DJ coordinator for what level you should be preparing.

  • Amateur : Becoming a regular
    • Level 5 : Gaining confidence playing to the crowd (10 songs played, 40 to draw from)
    • Level 6 : Starting to get the hang of it (13 songs played, 7 adopted, 1 new)

  • Regular : Creating your sound
    • Level 7 : Gaining confidence in your own sound (16 songs played, 10 adopted, 2 new)
    • Level 8 : Let's see what you've got (5-song set of new songs mixed in a set of 20 songs, half on the fly)

  • Protector : Defining the Corvallis sound
    • Level 9 : One-hour set on the fly (4 new songs)
    • Level 10 : Have fun
    • Level 11 : Two-hour set (about 33 songs) on the fly from a pool of 200 songs. 2/3 found or new.

Old DJ guidelines: These are going away soon, to be melded into our new guidelines. This are only up for Phil's reference at this point.

Music Resources Sizable collection of big band / swing era music, all free for download under Creative Commons license.

Local Artists: This is a list of local (Oregon and Corvallis) bands that play swing and jazz music. Some of them might be happy to play for us live.
  • The Stolen Sweets, Peter Krebs Trio, Midnight Serenaders, Bridgetown Sextet
  • Gumbo, Frim Fram, The Hilltop Big Band

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Getting started

As you explore music of the swing era, watch Ken Burns' Jazz, episodes 1 through 6. The heart of the swing music canon is jazz and blues, and you will learn about the key musicians. This series is entertaining, comprehensive and has plenty of great music throughout.

We own a copy; it's kept at Martin & Renee's house. It's also available on Netflix Instant and at the Corvallis library.

Editor's note: Add a page for the DJ coordinator.