Looking for swing music? Here are some tips:

Start with standards

Start with a base of well-known standards, like the one we created just for you. Go through the artists overview that's on our main Music page. Also look for Lindy exchange playlists on Google, or playlists from DJs who have been around the block, like Kristin Buxton or DJ Chrisbe.

Aim for finding at least 50 songs in this manner.

Adopt from events

Go to dances. When you hear a song you love, ask the DJ. Go to workshops; the instructors usually pick interesting music. Going to Lindy exchanges will tell you which contemporary bands are hot. Buy the CDs at band performances, not only to support the band, but because it is often hard to find their music in a place like iTunes.

Invest in your hobby

Subscribe to a music service like Rhapsody or Spotify. It will save you days of your life. Pandora is helpful sometimes, though probably not as much as you might hope. Take your time looking for new music. It will take time.

Look where you've been

Usually, if an album has one good song, it will have another good song on it. Try to find the best version of a particular song. Talk to the other DJs in town.

Tips for DJs

Buy all of the songs you want to play. It will improve your taste.

After collecting a bunch of standards as a base, don't buy a new song unless it's really good -- does it make you want to dance? This will prevent your library from becoming diluted with mediocre songs, and it will be less work to put together good sets. Let a song sit in a "maybe buy" playlist for at least a week, especially when you're branching out. When finding new music, what sounds novel and cool one day will often sound weird and lame the next.