1. There are abundant places to dance in the mighty State of Oregon.
  • In town:
    • Corvallis Swing dance society: Odd Fellows, WB116
    • OSU Ballroom Club: Ballroom dances with a good share of east coast swing/lindy hop.

  • Out of town
    • Eugene Swing by Drew and Catherina
    • Portland: PPAA on Thursday nights and Scottish Rites on Sunday nights
    • Salem: SalemDance monthly dance'

2. The large and prominent swing events that in the Pacific Northwest region, ordered by distance.
  • PDXLX,
  • SEALX,
  • CJ,
  • Seaside Jazz Festival
  • Django Fest NW,
  • VLX,
  • SFOLX,
  • Sacramento LX
  • Fusion Exchange

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Would you like to dance?
  • Instructors
  • Workshops
  • Events: Exchanges and camps
  • YouTube videos / How-To
  • Sage, local advice

Where to dance?
  • Odd Fellows Hall. 223 SW 2nd St. Corvallis, OR 97333 [Map]
  • OSU Women's Building. 160 SW 26th St. Corvallis, OR 97331 [Map]
  • Out of town.
    • Thursdays nights in Portland: PPAA [Link]
    • Sunday nights in Portland: Scottish Rite. [Map]
    • Wednesday nights in Eugene: Agate Hall hosted by ELLA Swing [Link]
    • Seattle, hosted by SavoySwing. [Link]
    • Herräng, Sweden. Coming in July. [Link]