These are the things that must be taken care of prior to a monthly dance:

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  1. DJs
  2. Instructors
  3. Phone numbers of instructors and DJ
  4. Helpers to move chairs, decorate

Arrangements to be made with the venue staff

  1. Reservations for the room
  2. Table for the DJ and sound equipment
  3. Front table, for greeters, cashier, cards
  4. Chairs
  5. Lighting arrangements, if at night

Actions to perform TODO: Make a separate page for advertising a dance

  1. Create Facebook event
    1. Invite folks 10-14 days prior to the event
    2. Reminder message three days prior
  2. Tweet on Twitter, sooner rather than later
  3. Make blog post, newsletter email (same system), three weeks prior
  4. Email the ballroom listserv 2-7 days prior
  5. Post flyers around town
  6. Give cards to helpers, Marc Green
  7. Announcements at OSU Ballroom Club Wednesday night
    1. Very quick, three weeks prior
    2. A reminder the Wednesday before the event, very quick

Things to bring

  1. Sound equipment
  2. Checkbook for DJs, instructors
  3. Microphone (borrowed from the OSU WCS Club or Ballroom Club)
  4. Decorations, decor kit
  5. Backup laptop with music
  6. Backup lesson plan
  7. Front table stuff
    1. Cash for change: $10s and $5s
    2. Cards (4x6) for the next dance.
    3. Cards (4x6) for the next lesson.
    4. Cards for other events
    5. Donations box
    6. Mailing list signup sheet
    7. Lesson signup sheet
  8. Extension cords
  9. Water cooler, cups, ice