Music : DJ Guidelines

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One rule

We have one rule to DJing at Corvallis Swing: Play great music that makes you want to dance.

Range guidelines for beginners


You may handle requests in any polite manner that you wish.


As a beginning DJ, dance to most of your music before playing it at a dance. A lot of music is deceptive in this manner, especially for the beginner -- what sounds good to your ear might be too fast or slow for your feet.

At your dance, be on the floor as much as you can, to get the vibe of the room -- and to show the crowd you are a real person, who loves swing music, and not a music-playing robot.


Expect your music taste to change over time. Try what you like. Have fun with it.

New material

For each one-hour set, aim to play at least four songs you've never heard in Corvallis.

Theme nights

If you would like to have a "Charleston music night," for example, talk to the organizers so that it can be planned and advertised. Otherwise we ask that you play a range of music.