So you've decided to stick around. Welcome! You are a Novice.

DJs : Level 3

Your goal is to start getting comfortable adopting music.

Adopting means playing a song that you've heard another DJ play, at a dance, lesson or workshop. You saw the crowd loved the song, everyone was dancing to it, and the mood was sublime.

For your set, do the following:
  1. Make a set of 10 songs, with 8 from the standards list, and 2 that you adopt.
  2. Otherwise, follow the rules of the New Recruit.

DJs : Level 4

Your goal is to play to the crowd. Prerequisites: At this point on your DJ journey, please have at least 30 songs in your repertoire. If you don't, please return to Level 3, 2 or 1.

Before the dance:
  • Have at least 30 songs in your library.
  • Have 10 sets of 3 songs vetted and ready to go.

During the evening, play 3 sets:
  • Set 1: The start of the dance: 3 songs.
  • Set 2: After the first DJ: 3 songs.
  • Set 3: After the second DJ: 3 songs.
  • Of the 9 songs, at least 5 (and as many as all) must be from the standards list.

Guidelines and advice:

  • Before Set 2, ask the following:
    • Are people tired?
    • Do they want a change of pace? Or more of what the 1st DJ was doing?
    • How can you help the transition to the next DJ's first song?

  • Before Set 3, ask the following:
    • Who is left?
    • What are some songs they would like to dance to?
    • What would be a good mood to close the night on?

Have fun! You're almost there!