DJ Coordinator

The DJ coordinator is in charge of organizing DJs to play at dances and is ultimately responsible for maintaining the quality and novelty of music played at dances.


The DJ Coordinator maintains the pool of active DJs in the community that are available to play at dances. These DJs are comprised of DJs that are active in the Corvallis swing scene, established DJs from other areas that have expressed interest in DJing in Corvallis, and dancers that have expressed interest in DJing from sign-up forms at dances or in person.

No less than one week before a scheduled dance, the DJ Coordinator will contact the DJs for a dance via Facebook or email. Two to Four DJs will be required for most dances. For the DJ selection process see "DJ Selection" below. The DJ Coordinator will encourage DJs to collaborate before the dance, share sets, and provide feedback on the Facebook or email thread they used to contact the DJs with. The DJ coordinator will help to moderate this thread and ensure that all DJs are prepared before the dance.

On the day of the dance, the DJ Coordinator will help DJs prepare to play their sets and make sure that DJs are ready to play their sets on time and in an appropriate order or arrangement. The DJ Coordinator will also provide feedback and support for DJs at the event, assess how the crowd reacts to the music played at the event, and help to recruit new DJs from dance sign-up sheets and personal conversations.

DJ Selection

Selecting the right combination of DJ types and skill level is critical to having a great dance. The DJ Coordinator will strive to have novice, intermediate, and advanced DJ skill represented at dances. For dances requiring three DJs, this means that a less experienced DJ will be selected to play a set in the middle of two more experienced DJ sets (this is not the case if an event is not being DJed in "blocks" of music). This helps to reduce the anxiety of novice DJs and prevents the dance from starting or ending on a bad note due to inexperienced DJ skill. The most novice DJ is always required to share their set with other DJs and the DJ Coordinator before a dance to receive feedback (for determining DJ level refer to DJ Guidelines). It is the DJ Coordinator's responsibility to continue to select to new and beginner DJs to play at dances in order to improve the depth and sustainability of the Corvallis Swing DJ pool.