Context and environment

Editor's note: There should be the following on this page:
  • What is unique about Corvallis that gives it the opportunity to have a big dance scene?
    • What does OSU have to do with it?
    • What does location in the valley have to do with it?
  • What role do we want OSU to play in the Corvallis Swing story?
    • What role do the OSU instructors play?
    • What role do the OSU dance clubs play?
  • Explain the situation Eugene is in and how we should build a regional scene by partnering with them.
  • Explain the situation in Portland and how it is helpful to us.
  • Explain how we have to build our strategy around the fact that our dancing population flips every 4 years.
    • Maybe this goes somewhere else in the wiki.

Where are we? Everything we do takes place within the broader context of our environment.

  • Corvallis
  • OSU
  • Eugene
  • Portland
  • Willamette Valley