Basics of the Corvallis Swing Dance Society

Corvallis Swing was created to grow a swing community in Corvallis. That's it! We're here to have fun, in the town where we live.

What Corvallis Swing Does

Below is a prioritized list of services a thriving dance scene requires. The aim of Corvallis Swing is to provide the following:
  1. Dances with great music and a lot of people, in Corvallis.
  2. Enthusiasm and energy that promote swing dancing; emotional support in this way -- being a part of something special.
  3. Workshops in Corvallis for swing dancing
  4. Lessons for one-on-one improvement
  5. Inspirational dancers
  6. Live swing music
  7. Event calendar with the coolest events in the area: dances, music, workshops
  8. Carpooling service to Portland and Eugene; out-of-town events
  9. Travel pooling to exchanges, dance camps.
  10. Connection with other swing groups in other towns.
  11. Shoe recommendations.

How Corvallis Swing Acts

Welcome. Bear with us for a moment, here -- we're going to get a bit philosophical:

What sort of world do you want to create? Really, now -- think about it, if only for a second.
Really. We'll wait. ...

Ok. Ready?

The Corvallis Swing Dance Society is your opportunity to create that world -- to live in it. This is the idea that Corvallis Swing was founded upon, and we ask that you please carry on this tradition.

Running a business is a test of character -- when you organize a group, make decisions that impact a community, and interact with that community, you will quickly see what you are made of; this will be a microcosm of your life, with all your strengths and weaknesses for you and others to witness.

So: Make it count. Be legendary. Aim highest. Aim to make the greatest swing scene the world has dreamed of. Aim to have people talk of you in the highest regard when you are gone.

As they say: This is it; this is your life. So: Live.

With that, comes our focus: Integrity. Community. Good Great music.